Wet Umbrella Wrapping Machine Stainless Steel WU-2000 Unique Features

WU-2000 Wet Umbrella Wrapping Machine Construction Comparison

Wet Umbrella Wrapping Machine WU-2000, top is constructed from Korean ABS engineered plastics, while the body, springs and bag hanger are constructed from 304 stainless steel as described below:
 ABS Plastics: This engineered plastic product has high impact and fatigue resistance - coupled with reinforced webbing which improves the durability, ensuring our machines are superior to all others on the market.

Wet Umbrella Wrapping Machine 304 Stailess Details:

304 Stainless Steel: High resistance to a wide range of corrosive environments.
 Excellent formability – readily deep drawn, bent and forged hot or cold.
 Easy to weld without distortion. Can be cold worked to high strength for use as springs and clips.
 The use of these components in the manufacture of our machines ensures their durability and problem free design life.

Our Competitors Wet Umbrella Wrapping Machine Materials.

Galvanised or powder coated steel which is not recommended as the surface is prone to scratching or chipping leading to unsightly rust.
 As in picture above taken in Korea, other brand machines. Can also stain your flooring.
 430 stainless steel:Low cost (no Nickel).
 Formable by deep drawing, bending and cold heading etc, although not as readily as 304 and 316.
 Resulting in: Poor resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion.
 Not recommended for exterior exposure (This is the Stainless Steel that Rusts!).
 Not readily welded – welds tend to be coarse grained and brittle.
 Does not gain any strength by cold working or heat treatment.

Design Comparison for Wet Umbrella Wrapping Machine:

Wet-Umbrella.com Wet Umbrella Wrapping Machine has the following design advantages over our competitors:
  The umbrella insertion entrance is a circular tapered shape which accommodates all four types of umbrellas.
 It has been designed using fluid dynamic principals creating even pressures to close the umbrella uniformly during bag insertion.
 Constructed from durable ABS plastic with a matt finish giving high resistance to scratching.
 The bag dispenser has a unique patented clamping system which holds the next bag in the fully open position.

Other Brand Designs Wet Umbrella Wrapping Machine:

Some have two different entrances for umbrellas.
 One is tapered in an oval shape requiring the umbrella to be strapped up prior to insertion.
 The other entrance is a curved circular shape which seems to work only with large umbrellas.
 Most have polished stainless entrances that scratch and fade.
 Dispenser entrance does not have clamps holding the next bag fully opened which results in the umbrella missing the bag or the bag splitting. This analysis was carried out by Wet-Umbrella.com.
  Craig Jorgenson Director
  Dip Mechanical Engineering

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