Wet Umbrella Dryer, Made in Australia!!

Wet Umbrella Dryer, Made in Australia!!

Wet Umbrella Dryer, Made in Australia

Wet Umbrella Dryer Australia 1200 is the first Made in Australia Eco-Friendly Wet Umbrella Dryer exclusively for the Australian market! This product has been under development for the last year with continued research and development carried out by our founding Mechanical Engineer. This has ensured the rollout of our Wet Umbrella Dryer is successful and is guaranteed to give our clients many years of reliable service. So let breakdown our unique design features that are all first for the Australian market.

Wet Umbrella Dryer Australia

Australian Made For Our Needs

Australian made. This gives Wet Umbrella a massive advantage in many areas. Fristly minimal wait times for shipping, never out of stock however there may be a backlog of orders to process from time to time but there is never a wait for shipping or delay with supply chain issues. Australian sourced raw materials and components, this ensures quick restocking of raw materials and components, while helping the local economy. Quick repairs or supply of spare parts, as we are the manufacture there is no delay in servicing our products.

Real Sustainable Solution HDPE

Wet Umbrella Dryer Australia Side View
All our panelling is made using HDPE, this is also known as type 2 recyclable plastic in Australia. Therefor any damaged panels can be replaced with new panel and the old one sent to recycling. This service is offered at launch for this product and give's the client the best possible service. HDPE plastic has high impact strength and is very hard to crack, it will deform instead with scratching or dining but is very hard to get it to fail.

Side Ventilation


Side ventilation is necessary for these Wet Umbrella Dryers, to insure a good service life. This is so your microfiber pads can dry when not in use. This will minimise the chance of the pads going mouldy and smelly. This ventilation is also assisted by the design of the microfibre pads which is detailed later.

Wet Umbrella Dryer Austalia Splash Guards
The splash guards on the ends of the machine are also a necessary design feature. These eliminate the water flicked off the end of umbrella in the drying process, which leads to wet floors. These guards trap any water flicked up inside the machine, therefore eliminates that design flaw.

Microfiber Pads, Machine Washable

The microfiber pad's has many unique features designed into them. The backing is a breathable cotton this allows the microfiber pad to dry effectively when not in use. The internal steel rod frame is also removable so your pad can be washed in microfiber detergent. There will be a tutorial on how to wash the pads, including the correct chemical for the washing. The microfiber pad are attached inside the machine with stayput fasteners that are made in Australia. These are from the boating industry and are very strong, easy to use and fully replaceable. These attach by brass or stainless eyelets to the top of the machine. We also offer extra microfiber pads for sale if you require extra capacity or you just want a spare while washing the last set.

Less Material Twice the Strength, 2ed Moment of Area

The frame for our Wet Umbrella Dryer has been solid model (3D cad), designed with second degree of moment area and undergone stress analysis. This guarantees years of reliable service in an abusive industrial environment. The frame is actually over engineered a trait of Australian Made products. The machine can handle impact from mobilty scoters traveling at 20 km/h. 

Corrosion resistant, 6060 Aluminium Frames.

All frames are welded 6060 Aluminium. This material has many advantages over steel use in all other machines. First is the corrosion resistance, as drying umbrella is a moisture saturated environment. During testing we have not experienced any corrosion even in close locations to the ocean. Light weight, these frames are half the weight of steel. Therefor this helps with ease of mobility. This results in our machines having a total weight of 25kg.  

All Stainless Fasteners

All fasteners and rivnuts are 304 stainless. The sizing is overkill for the give application with the side panels having 6 x m6 Allen key bolts and the wheels are 1 x m10 bolt each. Rivnuts are fully replaceable and we can take care of this in the factory if any major damage occurs due to an accident or physical damage.

Handles for Two Solutions

Wut Umbrella Dryer Australia Handles
Ease of mobility is ensured with the use of steel handles on the ends of the machine. These have two functions. They are not only there for moving or lifting but also as reinforcement to the top of the side panels. When Wet Umbrella bought in the South Koran design we found the sides would fatigue at the base and begin to come apart. This is due to the designer not understanding the theory of reinforcement in critical area or moment arm. By not bracing the top this creates a force concentration at the bottom attachment of the side panels, which will eventually fail.

Rubber Edging and Foam Corners

The use of rubber and foam has many benefits. The rubber is applied to very exposed edge for the frames. This protects the steel from damage and maximises the product lifecycle. Damage prevention due to unforeseen impacts. But best of all is the user safety. There is minimal chance of injury during use of this product. The foam edge guards provide an extra layer of protection for all of the above.

Golf Umbrella? No Problem

Wet Umbrella Dryer Golf Umbrella Size
One of the major issues we found with the other version of the umbrella dryers and bagging machines is they are not designed to take golf umbrellas. In Australia golf umbrellas are the most popular due to thier size. The umbrella length of its wet material is over 70cm. Wet Umbrella has designed the height of the side microfiber pads to be 82cm high and width of 122cm. This area is also twice as large as other machines on the market. This additional area is necessary for high traffic areas so the pad's don't become saturated during use.

Flat Packed, Ship Anywhere

Shipping is difficult with the other design's due to the box sizing to hold the umbrella dryer. Our machines are designed to be flat packed. This minimises the space and box sizes needed. Therefore allowing normal courier services to be used for our products. This is an added benefit to avoid paying for empty space during shipping, saving cost and the environment.

Australian Manufacture Backed Warranty

Finally if you machine is severely damaged or not needed anymore we have the ability to buy it back. This process is possible due to these products being made in Australia. This process your buy back price will be based on condition. We’ll recycle what we can and send off damaged components back for recycling for the metal or plastic that can’t be salvaged. All microfibre padas are also sent back for recycling to our microfiber material supplier. This makes the Wet Umbrella Dryer a truly sustainable product and a lot of research and development was necessary to ensure this was possible.

Help Australian Industries We Need Your Business

I hope you consider, purchase products from Wet umbrella to support local innovations and manufacturing. There has been a lot of hard work and innovation go into this and other products to come to make them as eco friendly and sustainable as possible.

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