Wet Umbrella Holder / Stand Design Details

Wet Umbrella has designed a new innovative solution for your Wet Umbrellas. Introducing our new Wet Umbrella Holder / Stand the WUHAA-400, WUHAB-400 and WUHD-400. These products are industry first in 3 significant areas, that being modular design this enables the units to be attached together, frames are manufactures utilizing Australia 6060 Aluminum, to aircraft standard and finally adsorbent microfiber mat in the drip tray.

There are major advantages for our modulus design for the Wet Umbrella Stands. This design gives the end user the option to add additional units together to their desired capacity. This is achieved by our acute manufacturing process and the units are designed to be attached to each other in a A-B format. This format is as follows. A model has accurate holes drilled to the sides of the machines to line up accurately to the B model. The B model has rivnuts riveted into the stand farms in 4 accurate locations. This enables the customer to attach A model to a B model. Also, the advantage of our accurate manufacturing processes give you the opportunity to add them together in an unlimited length for example if you want to join 4 together to store up 24 umbrellas you would attached them A-B-A-B.

Wet Umbrella Stand Dual

Aircraft grade manufacturing equipment enables Wet Umbrella Holders to be manufactured to a very fine tolerance using 6060 Aluminum. This aluminum stock is  3mm in thickness and is over engineered for there function. All frames are manufactured to with in 1mm. All equipment, welding, welding tables and fixtures, cutting and drilling are of aircraft grade to ensure manufacturing to our tight tolerances. All frames are welded together to ensure year of reliable service in taught commercial environments. 6060 Aluminum is also corrosion resistant and can be used in a marine environment.

Wet Umbrella Holder Australia Microfiber Pad

The use of high quality thick microfiber pads in the base has a few advantages. If you Wet Umbrella Holders are knocked over there should be no liquid spilled due to the mat absorbing this liquid. The mat also give the machine some isolation to the bottom Alloy plate there for minimizing and dings and scratched for the area. This minimizes wear and tear damage of the Wet Umbrella Stand.

As you can see above there has been a lot of thought go into this product to ensure many years of reliable service. This is why all our Australian Made Products carry a 5 year warranty. Due to our Manufacturing Capabilities Wet Umbrella can continue innovations for this market and will be constantly striving to provide our customers with the best available solutions to your wet umbrella issues. There are more product currently under development so please purchase our products to enable us to release more sustainable solutions for this valuable market!


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