Wet Umbrella Wrapper Design Comparison

Wet Umbrella Wrapper, Original Patent since 1996
Wet Umbrella’s South Korean manufacture launched their first Wet Umbrella Wrapper in 1996. This was a big success in South Korea and took off. These machines can be seen out the front of all commercial building on a rainy or snowy day. There would be lines of people waiting to use them, and bins overflowing with used bags.
Forward to 2001 and there were at least 4 different copies of our original product, with design variations of at least 15% to allow for lodgement of new patents. This requires the designer to change materials, design features and look of the new product. These design changes lead to compromises in both materials used and the mechanical function of the competitions machines.
The compromise of materials leads to machines rusting, damage from ware and tear, and not functioning in the correct mechanical way.
Wet Umbrella Wrapper Lid
Wet Umbrella Wrapper Lid
Starting with the top of the machines, our design has a replaceable top with all wear and tear mechanical components fully replaceable, with a Phillips head screwdriver. This being the bag retaining springs. Inside every machine there is spare springs to for replacement and contact details to order more for free. The tops have a mate finish, this hides the scratched from respective use. The entrance is the same tapped entrance for both sides, this is designed with fluid mechanics principles and shaped to assist your umbrellas bag insertion into the umbrella bag.
Now for the copies, they have used polished stainless steel witch gets unsightly scratches with first use. But this is not the biggest design error. That being bag retainage springs are made from stainless steel. This material has some major disadvantages when used in a repetitive way as a spring, that being Fatigue. Stainless steel used in this way will eventually fatigue and crack. These cracks lead to the material braking off exposing sharp jagged edges with are now a cutting hazard for the end user. The other cutting hazard is due to the thickness of the spring. Just placing your hand inside the machine could lead to cutting your hand. Finally, some of the designs this is riveted in so not replaceable. Therefor reducing the product life of the machine.
Competitors Wet Umbrella Wrapper Lids
Competitors Wet Umbrella Wrapper Lids
Wet Umbrella uses both 304 stainless steel from Posco or Hyundai in South Korea and ABS Plastic for the body of the machines. WU-2000 and WU-3000 uses 304 stainless in thick grade 1.5mm. The WU-1000 and WU-1300 use engineered ABS plastic. This is designed for high impact resistance due to the internal webbing and force distribution of the design.
Our competitors use powder coated steel and some use 403 stainless steel which in only recommend for internal use. As seen in photos the powder coated steel does not last in this environment. The powder coating eventually fails and causes the machine rusting, creating more hazards and problems with product. 403 stainless has little corrosion resistance and has poor workability when welding or cold forming in to give shape.
Wet Umbrella Wrapper Rust
Competitors Wet Umbrella Wrapper Machine Rusting
In conclusion our competition tries to copy and profit from our designs, but this has led to serious design compromise and faults. From crating new hazards to product life cycle compromises. Our new Wet Umbrella Drier is another example of a thoroughly designed and engineered product. This is set for launch in September 2022. Lets see how long till they copy the innovators again!