WUDA-1200 Wet Umbrella Dyer Australia Assembly Instructions

WUDA-1200 Assembly Instructions.

  1. Frist check that you have received both boxes. There is a large side box labeled WUDA-1200 Side, and a smaller base box labeled WUDA-1200 Base. Opening the side box you should locate 2 Side Panels with Microfiber Pads, 2 Splash Panels and two Sealed Bags. One has fasteners, 12 x m6 Bolts, 8 x m4 Bolts and Handles with m4 Bolts installed along with a m5 Allan Key and a m2 Allan Key. The other seal bag has 4 x Wheels with m10 Bolts installed and a m8 Allan Key.
  2. Open all boxes and place the base upside down exposing the rivnuts or threaded holes for the wheels to mount in.
  3. Install 4 wheels into the base with the 4 x m10 bolts with the m8 Allan Key. These should be tight once done up and check the wheels can still turn.
  4. Install the handles on the side but don’t tighten yet these will help you position the sides on the base. These mount to the top tabs on the sides.
  5. Now lift the sides onto the base lining up the holes on the ends first. Then install the bolts only 2 revolutions so it’s still loose. This will help you to line up the other bolts. Once all bolts are installed then square up the base to the sides and tighten the handles this will keep the sides square. Now tighten the rest of the base bolts up.
  6. Installing the side splash panels with the 4 x m4 bolt on each end of the machine. Install it with the protective coating facing outside. Now install all bolts only two revolutions so that its loose, this will give you the clearance to install the panel flush. Once all bolts are in then work you way from top to bottom pulling the rubber edging over the panel. Once it is seated then tighten the bolts up. Now remove the protective coating on the outside.