WUDA-1200 Maintenance

WUDA-1200 Maintenance.

  1. Drying the machine out in the sun helps with the life of the microfiber pads. When doing this the machine will balloon up due to the different expansion rate of the plastic panels to the Alloy Frame. This ballooning will help the moisture evaporate from inside the machine creating convection. This is when the fresh cool air is drawn in the base of the pads through the vents and the hot moist air escapes out the top.
  2. The microfiber pad is machine washable and should be washed at roughly 10000 uses. To calculate when to wash you can use your door counter or just estimate the rainy-day usage and divide by 10000. Shopping centers this is around 2-3 months and office buildings 6-12 months. The pads are very easy to remove, just flick up the tab on the Stayput Fastener and pull the pad out. There are 6 per side pad. You can also buy extra pads, so your machine has no down time.
  3. Wash the pads in Softly on duvet setting on your washing machine Do Not Uses Bleach or Fabric Softener, this will damage the microfiber.
  4. Every 6-12 months check all the bolts are tight when you wash the pads.
  5. If the pads wear out, then we can replace them with our replacement pads.
  6. If you need any parts, please Email info@wet-umbrella.com as we Manufacture this product in Australia and have all spare parts.