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Wet Umbrella

Wet Umbrella Bagging Machine Dual ABS Plastic WU-1300

Wet Umbrella Bagging Machine Dual ABS Plastic WU-1300

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Plastic DetailsWU-1300 Body is constructed from Reinforce ABS shock resistant plastic. The most durable unit on the market. New instruction stickers to help educate your customers and tenants. This machine is best suited for high traffic areas.

Top DetailsCircular high tapered entrances to ensure easy bag insertion for all types of folding umbrellas and long umbrellas. Each side identified on the top with easy to understand instructions. Tough scratch resistant ABS plastic lids.

Operation Features: Wet Umbrella Bag Dispenser has two clamps either side to keep each bag fully open. This ensures easy Wet Umbrella Bag insertion. Each Dual Wet Umbrella Bag Dispenser has a bag holding capacity of 1000 bags each side 2000 in total 

Long Refills for this machine are WURL-1000, WURL-6000, WUBL-1000 or WUBL-6000

Short Refills for this machine are WURS-1000, WURS-6000, WUBS-1000 or WUBS-6000

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